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"The Fly Effect" - Heroin Prevention

Recently the Wisconsin Department of Justice launched “The Fly Effect,” a Heroin prevention public awareness campaign designed to reach our state’s young people. Heroin has become a statewide epidemic. This highly addictive drug is taking lives, devastating families and stretching law enforcement and others.

The Monroe County Safe Community Coalition is partnering with the Department of Justice to help stop the Heroin spiral. We’re seeking to educate Wisconsin’s teens and young adults – and their families – before our young people try Heroin for the first time. The campaign theme – The Fly Effect -- is inspired by the nursery rhyme “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly,” which is used in the campaign’s TV spot. The song’s escalation and spiral parallels the unexpected and uncontrollable spiral associated with Heroin addiction. Visitors to the website are prompted to make a short series of decisions related to Heroin, all of which are designed to illustrate the painful, and often devastating, choices associated with abuse.

Click here to begin: www.theflyeffect.com

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